Candle Holders: Part One

When customers first approach our booth at Pike Place Market to glance, we will occasionally inquire, "anything catching your eye?" After a pause, some patrons will stop to look around the table with wide eyes and respond, "well, everything." We welcome this response, and encourage our customers to ask as many questions as possible while browsing. We think it's important to study the stained glass in detail before purchasing, and so we will kindly reply, "take your time, there's no rush."

Catching Light Studios is a small stained glass studio in Seattle, Washington and have been selling at the famous Seattle location since October, 2020. Since then, we have created many pieces inspired by our love and appreciation for the Pacific Northwest. One of our favorite pieces to make are candle holders. Candle holders in all shapes and sizes! We love making candle holders because they are simple, beautiful, and elegant. Like most of our pieces, we score our glass from larger sheets purchased in square foot increments. We wrap everything with a copper foil tape and use a lead-free silver solder, finally applying a black patina to finished product. They are not as easy to create as you can imagine and we use specially made wedges to hold the glass together while soldering. 

All of our pieces begin in the design phase. One of our earliest pieces, the Eternal Life design, is featured on the cover of our candle holder album. We were inspired by Egyptian symbolism, the Great Pyramids and Orion's Belt. If you look closely you will see the Triangulum constellation, which the builders of the pyramids utilized as inspiration. We developed our own interpretation of the constellation. It was a lot of work to put together. We can recreate this original design, which recently sold at the booth for $90. 

We look forward to seeing you down at Pike Place Market, you can find us most weekends either on the main line, the bridge or pavillion, Thursday through Monday.

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