Selling at Pike Place Market

Catching Light Studios is happy to be selling at the world famous Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, Washington. You can usually find us somewhere on the Densimone Bridge on the main craft line in what is called the North Arcade Thursdays through Mondays. We have been selling at the Market since October 2020 and are one of the few vendors left in the market crafting stained glass light catchers, candle holders, and mosaics. 

What is it like to sell at Pike Place Market? Hectic, wonderful, and exciting, just to name a few. To be certain, everyday is different and the one thing that we can always expect is the unexpected. The Market brings a variety of people of all ages and cultures together in one place. It is an old and vibrant place, even post-Covid, there is still a great deal of energy circulating the busy stalls. It is a diverse, colorful, and organic space set around a major metropolitan expanse, Elliott Bay and the snow-covered Olympic Mountains. There is an exceptional world of character and detail everywhere you look at the Market from the meat, produce, and flower vendors to artists and agents on the craft line; there are amazing people and stories to behold along the old cobblestone streets of Pike Place Market.     

Catching Light Studios is looking forward to a great year and sharing our art and stories with customers from around the world.  For more information please check out some of our other websites such as Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram.  We look forward to seeing you down at the Market. 

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